Ellington Arms is a federally licensed dealer of firearms, located in the Ellington / South Belt area of Houston, TX. We are a non-stocking dealer with the goal of providing the best prices on the highest quality, name brand firearms you have come to depend on for sport and personal protection. We have relationships with numerous distributors across the country, allowing us to locate the firearms you want at a price that you can afford. We strive to make your purchase as painless as possible, in an atmosphere without a high pressure sales pitch. We know you work hard for your money, so we will never pressure you to make a purchase you are not comfortable with. Our goal is for you to consider Ellington Arms each and every time you are looking to make a firearms purchase.

We do not claim to have the lowest prices, but we strive to provide the best deal we can possibly make. We understand that internet prices will sometimes be advertised at a lower cost, but be aware that there are always shipping and transfer fees associated with an internet sale.

If the price of the firearm is still low enough to convince you to make your purchase online, then we hope you will still choose Ellington Arms to conduct the transfer. Please fill out our Transfer Request form to notify us of the purchase, and we will work with the seller to have the firearm shipped to us directly for transfer to you.